Breaking down walls…

Hooked by the internet since minute one. From being a hacker fighting against dirty bastards on the net, to my first steps as a developer, the foundation of &why, to the spin-off of auteon and the creation of df as a company builder - behind me is a intense, not always straight, road. Grateful for every experience and learning stage, it shouldn't have been any other way.

…while looking for freedom…

For me, freedom is one of the most important cornerstones of my life. But what is freedom actually? Is freedom a fundamental right, is it something measurable, is it something highly individual? Where are - reasonable - limits of freedom? These questions keeping me awake. And since I like to write, I share my thoughts without claiming a large readership.

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…and while being curious. non-stop.

For me, books are priceless source of inspiration, food for thought, the exit from the thought carousel, an important cornerstone of my concept of freedom, and simply one of the most fascinating achievements of humanity. I like to read a lot and would like to inspire others to read more. Therefore, I briefly summarize books that I consider worth reading.



If anything on this page has made you curious, I look forward to hearing from you.

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